Dedicated Fibre

We can offer our own Dedicated Fibre solution and also our Wireless Leased Lines.

Dedicated Fibre

Dedicated Fibre provides businesses with ultrafast bandwidth, via our true fibre private network. Whether connecting one office to another, to the internet, or adding to your private WAN network we can provide a solution that fits your business needs. Our wide range of bandwidth options means we can upgrade your services as and when your needs demand it.

  • Direct Internet Access, WAN or Point-to-Point options available
  • Guaranteed dedicated, unlimited service exclusive to you
  • Fixed IP addressing
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Easy upgrades in contract to higher bandwidth on the existing bearer
  • Fully integrated with our wireless leased lines to deliver best in class Disaster Recovery solution
  • Flexible contract terms

Wireless leased Lines

With all the Benefits of Dedicated Fibre, But faster Installation time and no Wires!

Key benefits for Wireless Leased Lines

  • Bandwidth between 100Mbps and 10Gbps
  • Dedicated connectivity for your business
  • Superfast installation – typically in under 10 working days
  • Fixed installation costs
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Guaranteed 99.95% SLAs and 4-hour fix
  • Ideal resiliency connectivity option

Its not true! with our Wireless Leased Lines you will not lose our connection in bad weather

All of our wireless connections are installed to the highest standard, and installed to a minimum of 99.95% availability.

We use the latest technology with the latest innovations to ensure that our customers stay connected, regardless of the weather.

Advantages of our Wireless leased Lines.

  • Unlike fibre leased lines, our wireless connections do not require planning permission, so once the install is approved for the building there is no further waiting for getting our customers connected!
  • Great for point-to-point (P2P) Unlike fibre leased lines, wireless does not need to bounce from exchange to exchange, it transmits from the end users premises and is transferred onto our low latency core network as soon as it hits our network.
  • Our fast installations, mean you can get connected quickly and it does not damage the aesthetics of the building
  • True business resilience: having a connection in the ground and through the air is one of the only ways business connectivity can be truly resilient. If a road is dug up and damages fibre cables, this would not impact our wireless connection
  • Upgrading is easy, this is where our wireless network shines. We can upgrade your bandwidth on the fly for 1 hour 1 day 1 week and then back to your contracted bandwidth (to a maximum of 10Gbps) this is amazing for those IT departments trying to migrate large inhouse Exchange servers to Office 365 or other data to the cloud. And need to temporally increased the bandwidth for a short time
  • Wireless also shines for Temporary buildings (for home builders) and for concerts and other venues that require increased bandwidth for an event or in an DR situation where you require a internet connection quickly to get your business back online FAST.